Our Process

What to expect when undertaking your House and Land Package with us.

Your initial meeting will likely be with both Mark and Jenny Everitt, to run through the planning and design of your house and land package or stand alone residential building project. This provides the opportunity for you to personally meet the owners of Everitt Builders who are also the leaders of the team responsible for your unique home creation, and peace of mind throughout the process.

Mark provides the experience and hands-on building expertise while Jenny is often the first port of call to keep you updated throughout your project. Jenny will also be able to advise on or manage any permission aspects and accounts.

“We have complete control of the quality of a build because my sons and I are on the job all the time. There is no middle man.” – Mark Everitt.

We work to build upon our reputation for reliability and excellence, while continuing to future-proof Everitt Builders Limited for the next generation; Jason Everitt, Chris Everitt, and Michael Gale, who will carry on our strong values of quality and service for many years, and perhaps many generations, to come.

Both Mark and Jenny are project managers, and are fully equipped to ensure complete control over timeframes and suppliers for an efficient and top quality building project, done to your unique style and complete satisfaction.

“Loving this work gets us all up in the morning, keen to see what each day will bring and keen to apply our organisational and site management skills to each project.” – Mark Everitt.

At this initial meeting we clarify all aspects you can expect with your building project, inclduing costs, progress updates and final walk-through with you, the client, to sign off all work completed by Everitt Builders Limited.

At this meeting we can also advise on the time frame of your building project. To give you an initial idea of timeframes if choosing to build with Everitt Builders (formerly known as ConStruct Developments), for a full package project development for a hill home the average duration is six to nine months for completion. Whereas on normal residential section the duration is closer to four months.

Initial meeting will include: 

  • Viewing Portfolio of available Land Packages
  • Advice and assistance with choosing a section
  • Architectural advice for the design of your new home
  • Planning, including consents
  • Any specific requirements of your section
  • Your specific build requirements
  • Your unique vision for your Residential building
  • The timeframe of your building project
  • The timeframe of regular updates that will be provided

We will also discuss our two options of:

  • Fixed carpentry labour with detailed construction program
  • Full project management

For more information on these two options, please see our Services page

Free advice with property walk-around in the Canterbury region.

We welcome you contact us, whether or not you have a plan laid out for your Residential section. Mark is more than happy to do a walk-around of a property you are looking at building on, and with an experienced eye he can advise on aspects that may need particular planning, and an overall assessment.

We also offer a range of sections now available, so contact us today to discuss what sections we have that may be just what you are looking for.
We have prevented many possible disasters, and certainly a few inconveniences, by casting an experienced eye over multiple properties - hillside properties, in particular - and we are happy to offer, and highly recommend, this free walk-around and expert advice service.

Dedicated to building safe, strong and beautiful homes for living & loving.