Our Services

At Everitt Builders we offer a wide range of building services. We also offer two options for providing our quality services for project: A Full Labour Contract, or a Carpentry Labour Only Contract – these two options are explained and outlined below.

Everitt Builders Services:

  • Pool HouseHome & Land Packages
  • Architectural Services
  • Project management
  • New residential builds renovations, extensions and alterations
  • General repairs
  • Insurance work
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Re-roofing and re-cladding
  • New doors and windows
  • Decks, pergolas and retaining walls
  • Sheds and garages

Follow this link to find out more about our Home & Land Packages.

“Clients have told us how stress-free we have made the work and how they appreciated the way we’ve kept them informed through clear and open communication. For us, that is the key ot a successful and satisfactory outcome.” – Jenny Everitt.

With our full project management service if there’s anything we can’t do, we will arrange and manage it for you, ensuring a stress-free build process throughout. On initial meeting, your full build project will be discussed in depth so that our quote will encompass all aspects from start to finish, including home and land packages, advice on choosing the right property to suit your new home build, labour, materials, any subcontract work such as plumbing or electrical as required, and much more.

We offer free advice on planning with a walk-around on your section within the Canterbury region. With this complimentary service we can advise on any aspects that may need special consideration, and prevent any issues with your section that may later arise. For more information on this service, see Our Process page.


Full Labour Contract

Full Contract Labour is where we work with the Client to ensure full project management.
We arrange every part of the build project including supplies and provide our own skilled labour.

With Full Contract Labour there will be no surprises.

The team at Everitt Builders, (formerly known as ConStruct Developments), including project managers Mark and Jenny Everitt,
will work with you to plan your timeframe and all additional aspects of your project at a fixed price.

Features of Everitt Builders Full Labour Contract:

  • Everitt Builders provides project management
  • All aspects of build is layed out in full by Everitt Builders
  • Initial Quote will clearly cover all build aspects with pre-arranged cost
  • Everitt Builders covers all costs and invoices the Client directly on a monthly basis as a progress claim or as agreed
  • Arrangement of supply and costs for all materials
  • Arrangement of labour and costs for full project

Client Responsibility with Full Labour Contract:

  • Prompt payment of invoices supplied by Everitt Builders
    Note: Payment timeframes and invoice duration are pre-arranged

Carpentry Labour Only Contract

Carpentry Labour Only Contract is a well-proven and cost effective way of running your building project.
Using Everitt Builders (previously known as ConStruct Developments) Contacts, your materials can be purchased at cost, saving you 15% to 18%.

Everitt Builders will still project manage your build to ensure the quality of supplies and workmanship.
Subcontractors are paid directly by the Client, thus removing any standard builders mark up.
The Client is also able to use their own, nominated Sub trades or choose from our variety of reliable, recommended sources.

With the Carpentry Labour Only Contract we work closely with our Clients to obtain material and Subcontractor quotes.
We provide an overall quote, though payment of supplies and labour is paid direct from Client to individual supplier.

Features of Everitt Builders Carpentry Labour Only Contract:

  • Everitt Builders provides project management
  • Fixed Carpentry Labour quote with a detailed construction program
  • Project organising
  • Site control
  • Subcontractor management
  • Supervision of material supplies
  • Assembly of accounts to be paid
  • Regular client builder communication

Client responsibility with Carpentry Labour Only Contract:

  • Payment of materials on 20th of the month
  • Payment of labour on 20th of the month

We ensure all projects run smoothly, allowing the building process to be stress free!